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Tough times call for new ideas

Tough times call for new ideas

Why skills development is now more important than ever

Looming downgrades. A pessimistic mid-term budget speech. Political uncertainty. We live in challenging times and it’s tempting to put skills development on the backburner until the economy improves. But in order to catalyse the economy and kick-start growth, no one can afford to simply continue with business-as-usual.

When times are tough, the businesses that prosper are the ones that have the ability to find new avenues of growth instead of burying their heads in the sand. Faced with floundering personal computer sales, Apple went from near-bankrupt to the world’s most valuable company by inventing an entirely new category or product: the iPod. In a market where content is becoming increasingly commodified Netflix went from a company shipping DVDs to people’s houses, to the world’s most exciting and dynamic content producer.

When you compare these giants to their competitors like BlackBerry and Blockbuster videos, you can quickly see the importance of being able to inject fresh ideas into your business instead of just buckling down and hoping things improve.

Now for the most important thing to note: Ideas come from one place only, your people. And the more tools you give them to learn and grow, the greater their ability to contribute those once-in-a-lifetime ideas that can be the difference between being an Apple and being a BlackBerry.