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Online Campus

Online Campus

Online Campus

The Brilliant E-Campus


If you are a business owner in South Africa, you will be familiar with the challenging environment in which you are operating. Black economic empowerment, or BEE, has been introduced in South Africa to stimulate the economy by offering previously disadvantaged people the opportunity for stable and rewarding careers. This is accomplished through skills development initiatives run by various companies to not only train people, but also give them the opportunity to land a job at a specific company.


Should you be a company that has your own training initiatives, LFP Training offers a more cost-effective and accessible way to help you achieve your goals – our online E-Campus. Not only will our online campus serve as a training platform, but it will also save you money in the process, making it viable and very useful for any company in South Africa.


Online Training at Our E-Campus


One of the priority elements for achieving and retaining a respectable BEE score is skills development. These programmes are aimed at training unemployed people from previously disadvantaged racial groups, with the opportunity to transform their internships into full-time jobs at local businesses. Our online campus, at LFP Training, is the first one of its kind, and it can result in a substantial gain in points towards skills development spend regarding the BEE code of good practice.


Although an online campus might seem as a foreign concept to some, the benefits can directly influence the way in which you run your company’s BEE assets – by maximising your potential skills development score to make your company eligible for tax rebates, youth subsidies, and other government grants. As a result, you will have a cost-effective solution to approaching skills development for the people in your company. Our online campus is only the beginning, as we also offer BEE consulting to further improve your company’s skills development initiatives.


Skills development investments come to a total of 11,3% of your company’s total payroll, with a maximum of 20 points that can be achieved. A bonus 5 points can also be achieved through a 100% employment rate through internship programmes, pushing the net total to 25 points available in the area of skills development alone. The other 2 priority elements include management and preferential procurement, which can also work towards a maximised BEE score for your company.


Should you be interested in using our online E-Campus, feel free to peruse our website for more details, or contact us directly with further enquiries. LFP Training is your premium option for professional BEE consulting and other BEE-related solutions.

Jaco Fourie