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Associates day and valuing our partners

Associates day and valuing our partners

A look back at LFP Training’s First Associate Day

Associate (Noun): A person who shares actively in anything as a business, enterprise, or undertaking; a partner, colleague, fellow worker.

Tuesday, 30 January 2018 saw LFP Training host its first Associate Event at our new offices in Randburg. This day was significant for several reasons – it not only represented progress and partnership, but acted as a celebration.

It reminded us of our humble beginnings with Pierre Human, Senior Strategist and long-time member of LFP Training, recalling a meeting under a tree more than four years ago with nothing more than a vision and a call from CEO, Louis Pulzone to ‘find associates’. Welcoming associates to our 2nd premises allowed us to look back on the moments of struggle and persistence, and to realise that it was all worth it. We could not have done any of this without our associates, clients, employees, partners and suppliers, and as such the day was a celebration of these partnerships.

When looking for partners, we at LFP Training look to many criteria in finding the ‘best fit’. Do they align to our values? Share our beliefs and vision? Want to make a difference? Want to help our brand grow? Want to benefit both themselves, their clients and the broader community? It’s a selective process that requires care and time from both parties.

At LFP Training, we believe in providing our partners with something that money can’t buy – exceptional service and the fundamental principles of business. We believe that we rise by lifting others up and that our success is based on partnership from the very beginning.

Our success means nothing if we cannot share it with those who have helped to create it. Without our partners, we won’t exist. CEO, Louis Pulzone mentioned that success is not about money. It’s about building a brand; something to be proud of and to pass on for generations to come. More than four years later, we look back at what has set LFP Training a part and has helped us to build a brand and legacy. We believe it’s because of core values of Leadership, Focus, Passion and Integrity. No matter how big we grow, we always remain true to these.

As part of the agenda, we introduced our associates to Lindie Shepherd, LFP Training’s new Head of Commercial. Lindie is a seasoned professional and looks to bring further expertise, customer focus and innovation to our business.

Senior Strategist, Pierre Human (who is no stranger to our associates or to the media), has been featured as an industry thought leader for the past 12-months and can be found on the likes of RSG, Business Day TV and Ontbytsake on a regular basis. Amongst other topics, Pierre spoke about the difference that LFP Training and its clients makes in learners lives and that this is the true benefit of what we do.

Looking to the future, Francois Pulzone, Head of National Sales, explained the company’s exciting expansion plans and there was an announcement of LFP Training bringing our Associate Event to Cape Town as part of our opening.

Thank you for your partnership and for helping us to make all of this happen!

For more information, contact LFP Training on +27 11 791 1602.