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BEE Under the Government Spotlight

BEE Under the Government Spotlight

BEE Under the Government Spotlight – Has SA Truly Started to Embrace Transformation?


Head of Operations at LFP Training, Jaco Posthumus recently shed some light on the current situation and the momentum gained.


2018 has already seen a drastic outcry by Government calling on corporates to truly embrace BEE policies. While this is nothing new, Deputy President, Cyril Ramaphosa has been very vocal in the past few weeks, drawing attention to a much-needed uprising in transformation.


Jaco Posthumus says that there are commendable in-roads being made as of late: “We are definitely seeing a positive trend – even early in 2018 – and I believe that this is because more and more companies and its employees have educated themselves around B-BBEE and its elements,” Jaco explains.


While in the past, many have shied away or have left it only to the professionals, more companies are today understanding BEE, how it relates to their business and how to successfully implement it to make a difference. “BEE is not a quick fix. Today we are seeing great progress from years of hard work. The companies who have taken the time to adapt their strategies, embrace the policies and change to meet sector code requirements, are now reaping the rewards”,


“Another reason for an increase in transformation is because of private to private supplier services. More companies are now refusing to work  with companies that are not B-BBEE compliant” says Jaco.


Skills Development allows for four initiatives that not only benefits the company, but it’s employees too; these include:


  • The upskilling of employees – Companies are now incentivized by SARS to upskill employees. This has seen an increase in productivity and improved succession planning.
  • The upskilling of unemployed persons – In an effort to reduce unemployment, Skills Development for unemployed persons by companies is also recognised. This could potentially result in the individual finding employment through the skills gained during their learnership.
  • The upskilling of disabled persons – There is now a focus on disabled people receiving education to such an extent that it increases their chances of employment.
  • Bonus points – Companies today not only receive incentives from SARS but could also receive bonus points for absorbing unemployed individuals. In addition, conducting business with QSE’s and EME’s is also incentivized to ensure the growth and success of these small businesses.

Finally, to any companies who have not implemented BEE policies in their organisations, Jaco says that you can’t miss this boat. “BEE will always be needed, relevant and topical so instilling it in your organisation is a priority” Jaco concludes.


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