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New courses added

New courses added


LFP Training adds two generic qualifications to its portfolio

In order to broaden our portfolio and ensure that both learners and corporates benefit from our continuous improvements, LFP Training has added two new generic courses to our training offerings.

LFP Training’s recently launched FETC: Business Administration Services (NQF Level 4) offers 140 credits while the NC: Generic Management (NQF Level 5) offers 162 credits. Both courses look to enable future leaders by providing them with the broad-based skills that they need to benefit an employer whilst empowering themselves.

Want to know more about these courses?

FETC: Business Administration Services (NQF Level 4)

As per the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA), the Further Education and Training Course (FETC) in Business Administration (NQF Level 4) is ideal for an individual who wishes to fill an administration function in any industry. Potential future roles include;  reception, executive administration, relationship management, communication, project administration and support.

The course is designed to further skills and competencies in the management of records, business writing, problem solving, ethics cultural awareness, self-management, self-development, project teamwork as well as business policies and procedures. It provides broad knowledge of the administration function and herein, learners and businesses can earn a minimum of 140 credits!

NC: Generic Management (NQF Level 5)

The National Certificate of Generic Management (NQF Level 5) covers business, commerce and management studies with a minimum of 162 credits earned.

As per SAQA, the focus of this qualification is to enable learners to develop the competencies required to effectively manage first line managers. By successfully undertaking in this course, graduates are able to:

  • Initiate, develop, implement and evaluate operational strategies.
  • Monitor and measure performance whilst applying innovative improvement techniques.
  • Lead a team of first line managers by capitalising on the talents of the team.
  • Build relationships using various communication processes.
  • Apply principles of risk, financial and knowledge management.
  • Further enhance the team through skills, coaching etc.


US ID Description NQF level  Credits
61755 GETC : Business Practice 1 121
67465 NC: Business Administration Services 3 120
50080 FETC: Generic Project Management 4 136



61595 FETC: Business Administration Services 4 140
59201 NC: Generic Management 5 162


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