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BEE Learnerships

BEE Learnerships

BEE Learnership

How Your Firm Can Benefit from BEE Learnerships


If you want to improve your firm’s BEE rating, skills development should be a priority. LFP Training Academy makes it possible. We are an accredited training institution and offer BEE learnerships and various courses approved and recognised by SETA and the Department of Education. Our training focuses on the core elements for improvement of your BEE rating, including:

  • Management control.
  • Skill development.
  • Enterprise and supplier development.


If you are thus looking for an effective method for implementing your BEE initiatives, consider our BEE learnerships and courses.


How It Works


Our recruitment and assessment teams develop highly effective service approaches, enabling them to recruit employees according to the requirements of the BEE codes. Our recruitment solution enables recruitment from various races, ensuring sufficient variation between genders and with consideration of disabled individuals. We recruit with a client’s needs as focus point, ensuring that the client can get the right employees for the available positions, fitting their corporate culture, and meeting the requirements of the BEE codes.


We furthermore make it possible for clients to use the off-site solution through our simulator programme, enabling trainees to do their full learnerships on our campuses. LFP Training is an accredited FET college and training provider. As such, clients can benefit from tax rebates as allowed for in the Income Tax Act. The employer can thus generate a R80 000 tax rebate incentive for every able-bodied learner in the learnership programme and R120 000 for every disabled learner.


Our first-of-its-kind simulator makes it possible to develop various BEE learnerships, specifically aimed at the subsectors of the skills development element. It can be used in any industry, according to the requirements of the industry. This makes it possible to optimise the assessment process according to the rebates that the client can get. The client thus gets customised learnerships to meet their requirements and we ensure that the BEE codes best practices are followed.


With our solutions, clients benefit from maximum BEE points at the lowest possible cost and the most benefit to them and the industry in which they operate. When clients make use of our training solutions, they can improve their BEE ratings through BEE-aligned skills development initiatives. We also have an e-platform learning initiative where clients benefit from the addition of points to their skills development element spending. Through this initiative clients can claim the remuneration of the employees in the BEE learnership plans for the full duration of the learnerships without having to compromise on their businesses’ operational needs. It enables clients to claim more than 500% of their cost on skills development.


View the promotional video regarding the online campus and give us a call to help your firm get optimal benefit from BEE-aligned learnerships.

Jaco Fourie