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BEE Training

BEE Training

Improve Your Firm’s BEE Score with Innovative Training Solutions

BEE training is essential if your company wants to ensure a good BEE score. Skills development is one of the core elements. By enrolling your employees or targeted persons in the BEE training initiative, you improve their skills, enhance your BEE score, and improve the performance ability of your company.

However, to benefit from BEE training initiatives, it is essential to make use of accredited training institutions. We are an accredited FET college and training provider. Our institution is recognised by various SETAS and the Department of Education. This makes it possible for you to benefit from the tax rebate incentive associated with BEE training.


Our BEE Training Initiatives

We offer two innovative solutions to help your firm make the necessary contribution to skills development and benefit from doing so. The first is our e-campus. It is an online e-learning platform, enabling you to enrol employees or learners in our training academy. The platform and courses are aligned with the BEE Codes of Good Practice.

By enrolling the learners in the e-learning courses, you are able to gain valuable points towards your BEE scorecard. Our academy has been aligned to the BEE Codes of Good Practice. This means that you can qualify for government incentives, such as tax rebates, grants, and youth subsidies. In essence, you can help to develop core skills in the workforce and benefit from the above incentives.

You are able to claim the salary of the learners participating in our learnership programmes for the entire period of enrolment, without having to compromise on your business operations. As such, training your employees or learners will also be financially beneficial to your company. You will be able to claim more than 500% of your actual spending towards meeting the skills development target for the BEE scorecard.

Our second initiative is just as revolutionary. We make it possible for your company to enrol the employees or learners in our learnership programmes where they spend the full learnership period at our campuses. These campuses are also disabled friendly.

We take the responsibility of sourcing learners from the various target groups in alignment with the requirements of the BEE Codes of Good Practice. As such, we save you time and ensure that the best possible candidates are enrolled. We provide you with monthly reports, handle the SETA reports, conduct workplace assessments, do work-readiness evaluations, and write the disability reports. We source learners from the relevant groups, enabling you to gain maximum BEE points for training.

The initiative is called the Skills Development Simulator and is a first for the industry. It enables you to target sub-sectors through tailored learnerships at the minimum cost to your company. As such, the learners gain valuable skills, which can be used towards achieving the goals of your company.

You have the opportunity to make a positive contribution towards the economy of South Africa and, at the same time, benefit from rebates and improve your firm’s BEE score. Start by making use of our BEE training solutions.

Jaco Fourie