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From A to BEE – Are you doing it right? (Part 2)

From A to BEE – Are you doing it right? (Part 2)

We have said it before, BEE is a complex topic and finding a strategic partner to work alongside your company is key to the success of your BEE strategy.  As the Government clamps down on scoring and legislation, we find more companies having to start from scratch for not having proper structures in place from the get-go.

Here are a few questions to help you to evaluate your company strategy and how BEE compliance fits into the bigger picture:

  • Is your company truly embracing BEE and using it for the benefit of the company and its people?
  • Do you truly understand the benefits of being BEE compliant?
  • Do you have a designated person/ team within your company who sees to your BEE compliance matters? Are they educated and skilled on the BEE scorecard and the relevant legislation in South Africa; do they have a firm handle on the paperwork required?
  • Do the relevant team members responsible for BEE implementation in your company understand BEE policies and what rebates and incentives your company is eligible for?
  • Does your company make use of professionals to ensure 100% compliance and access to the relevant rebates?
  • Do you understand how Skills Development contributes to your BEE scorecard and the benefits that it can provide for productivity and knowledge in the workplace?
  • Have you thought about the fact that Skills Development can help people with disabilities and people that are unemployed?
  • How are you allocating your BEE spend for greater good and have you aligned it to your overall strategy?
  • Did you know that many companies still fail their BEE audit each year and that 100% of LFP’s clients have passed their BEE verification audits?

LFP Training works with its clients from start to finish. A dedicated, knowledgeable sales strategist works with you to determine your needs and develop the correct solution to ensure that maximum points and a tangible and beneficial difference in peoples’ lives. LFP Training’s recruitment department also sources learners for your company in line with EAP guidelines. What’s more, companies receive points towards their enterprise and supplier development for partnering with LFP Training who is 51% black owned and 31% female owned.

In terms of tax incentives and discounts, the Government offers a tax allowance of R80 000 per able bodied learner and R120 000 per disabled learner for participating in a learning program and completing it.