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LFP Campus: A first-of-its-kind offering to reduce downtime whilst delivering a competitive edge for our clients

LFP Campus: A first-of-its-kind offering to reduce downtime whilst delivering a competitive edge for our clients

Productivity in the workplace is fundamental to a business’s success. Today, it’s about reduced downtime, increased efficiencies and skilled labour in delivering that competitive edge.

With its finger on the pulse, LFP Training recognised a gap for online learning to allow for exactly this. Everyone has the right to education and now, more than ever, LFP makes education accessible – whether it’s from the comfort of a learner’s home or on one of our two top-class campuses.

Applicable to all industries, this popular offering avoids downtime and loss of productivity as well as learner freedom thanks to an online platform which can be undertaken outside of working hours.

Of course, setting up an initiative such as this whilst keeping both clients and learners’ needs top-of-mind is no easy feat. Luckily, LFP Training’s team of experts has a firm grasp on the industry and understands what it takes to deliver world-class education – anywhere; all whilst ensuring that clients can still access the necessary rebates and points required.

We are proud to say that the LFP Campus is today the first-of-its-kind online learnership platform that makes it possible for clients to gain substantial points towards their Skills Development spend in-line with the BEE Codes of Good Conduct.

LFP Training has not only aligned its online initiative to the BEE Codes of Good Conduct but has also made it possible for clients to do so at a fraction of the cost – all whilst being eligible for Government initiatives such as tax rebates, youth subsidies and other grants.

We have worked hard to go above and beyond, and as such, clients are now able to claim the salary of the enrolled employee for the full duration of the learnership without compromising their business’s operational requirements. What’s more clients can claim more than 500% of the actual spend towards their Skills Development target spend.

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