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BEE Consulting Services

BEE Consulting Services

BEE Consulting

How BEE Consulting Helps Your Firm to Improve the Skill Levels of Employees


Businesses need to improve on their BEE scores, in order to qualify for government tenders and various rebates. However, many businesses overlook the importance of skills development as a means to ensure a higher BEE score.

We, at LFP training, understand the concerns of companies regarding skills development. We know that companies want to ensure that the learners from the learnership programmes actually become contributing members of their teams. We also understand that businesses want to reduce the time that employees spend away from the workplace to train. As such, we provide BEE consulting services in addition to our various training solutions to help company owners maximise on the potential of skills development, and enterprise and supplier development for their BEE scores.

An essential aspect of surviving in the current business climate of South Africa is to address the challenges that the new BEE Codes have brought. It is now more difficult for businesses, which have failed to change the way they do business and structure their employee profile, to attract new investment and business. Part and partial of succeeding under the new BEE Codes is to plan. This is where our consulting services become exceptionally valuable.

For one, we understand that it is difficult for a company that does not have at least 51% black ownership to get a high BEE score as the thresholds under the new BEE Codes have been increased. But, there is hope for such businesses, and it lies with skills development where the focus is on learnership programmes and accredited training. We provide both and assist business owners in planning their skills development paths for the various employees and candidates.

Companies that have embraced learnerships, rather than seeing such as programmes only to be initiated for the purpose of compliance with the new BEE Codes, are reaping the rewards today. The learnerships and accredited training can actually help companies to become more competitive. In addition, companies are able to reap the benefits of government incentives and rebates, as well as subsidies.

It is thus now possible to improve the skill levels of potential and current employees, and experience considerable tax benefits for doing so. With a well-trained workforce, the company also benefits, as this means fewer mistakes, higher productivity, and improved competitiveness in the marketplace.

Part of our BEE consulting services entails helping companies structure their BEE planning to ensure the lowest cost to company to improve skill levels of candidates and current employees.

Make use of our BEE consulting services if you want to know how to improve your company’s BEE score, even if your firm is not 51% black owned.

Jaco Fourie