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Skills Development and Learning

Skills Development and Learning

Online Campus

Skills Development

How Companies Can Optimise on Skills Development Initiatives to Improve Their BEE Scores


Companies in South Africa required by law to contribute to the Skills Development Fund through the Skills Development Levy will appreciate the benefits they can derive from the inclusion of skills development programmes, such as learnerships in their Workplace Skills Plans.


What is Learnership?

It is a skills development programme enabling the employees and candidate employees to work in the field in which they want to gain an accredited qualification according to the requirements of the relevant SETA. Learnerships can be from the employer’s pool of workers or from unemployed candidates.

We make it easier for employers to benefit from skills development initiatives with our online campus. It is an e-learning platform, which makes it possible for employers to add to their Skills Development score for training of employees or relevant candidates. The programme is aligned with the BEE Codes of Good Conduct requirements.

With the e-learning initiative, the learners do not have to attend campus-based instruction. Learning can be done while working at the employer, and it is done outside the work hours.

The platform provides for the additional benefit of lower cost to company regarding skills development as part of a learnership programme, without having to compromise on the subsidies, tax rebates, and grants forming part of the government incentives to improve the skills development of the youth in South Africa.

Employers are able to claim the salaries of the enrolled learners for the entire period of the learnerships, without the skills development cutting into their business operations. Indeed, the initiative enables employers using our platform to claim more than 500% of their actual cost towards meeting the BEE Skills Development Target.


Learners can be enrolled for the following generic qualifications:

  • GETC – Best Business Practice (NQF Level 1) – 121 credits
  • NC – Business Administration Services (NQF Level 3) – 120 credits
  • FETC – Generic Project Management (NQF Level 4) – 136 credits
  • FETC – Business Administration Services (NQF Level 4) – 140 credits
  • NC – Generic Management (NQF Level 5) – 162 credits


Considering the benefits of improving the skills levels of existing employees and potential candidates, such as tax rebates and grants, without the training cutting into work time, employers have no reason not to improve on their BEE score through our e-learning initiative.

Our Skills Development Simulator is another service offering that benefits employers. With this initiative, we target client requirements and recruit suitable candidates for the learnership programme from unemployed and disabled groups. The Simulator is applicable to any industry, enabling us to maximise the benefits for our clients and ensure full alignment with the BEE Codes of Conduct.

We are an accredited FET training institution offering SETA approved courses, thereby ensuring that our clients can benefit from tax rebates according to the requirements of the Income Tax Act.

Jaco Fourie