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Youth Month in June: “What does the future hold the youth of SA?”

Youth Month in June: “What does the future hold the youth of SA?”

We need you! The latest IMD report depicts a grim picture of youth unemployment in SA, with the country ranked 62 out of 63. So, how does your company play its part in empowering and educating the youth of South Africa?


We’ve said it repeatedly; corporates need to use their power and their resources to help make a difference. In a country where we see so much failure and despair at the hands of the public sector, it’s up to us as corporates to fill the gap and bring equality to our nation.


With this being said, at LFP Training we are already witnessing waves of change and are pleased to report that we have successfully renewed 10 key clients’ contracts and have signed on an additional 21 clients in the month of May alone! As our GDP stabilises and more emphasis is placed on youth development, the picture that we currently see before us looks to change in the upcoming years. However, this can only happen with increased participation.


So, here’s a thought: LFP Training can train up to 1 500 learners per day and our pass rate far surpasses the industry-norm, so why are there months where our classrooms are not filled with this amount of hopeful and eager unemployed learners?


With so much work to be done in our country and so much opportunity begging to be recognised, we can never become complacent. Not as companies or as people. Each of us, in both a personal and a work capacity are affected by the socio-economic and political factors in this country. Remaining robust and resilient is key to ensure a brighter future.


In recognising and celebrating the youth this month, we need to ask ourselves the question of ‘Are we really equipping and empowering the future of our country through our current efforts?’, ‘What sort of legacy are we really leaving?’ and ‘Have we done everything that we possibly can, based on the resources that we have to make a difference?’.


At LFP we believe that our success is there to pass on, therefore we focus our efforts on carefully guiding our clients to make a difference and partake in Skills Development initiatives that truly benefit our society as well as the economy.


So, in the month of June, we challenge corporates to be even better and do even more!