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Ground-breaking new App, BEE-Connex brought to you by LFP Training Group CEO

Ground-breaking new App, BEE-Connex brought to you by LFP Training Group CEO

A first-of-its-kind App is changing the way in which we do business in the BEE industry. Brought to you by Louis Pulzone, the founder and Group CEO of LFP Training, BEE-Connex looks to breakdown the jargon and bring you ‘Hassle-free BEE’.

In an industry that’s always shifting, Louis recognised a gap for reputable suppliers matched to company’s exact needs. Changing and adding suppliers is a complicated and tedious task, but as your company’s BEE needs evolve to meet new legislation demands and accommodate further company growth, the need for more knowledgeable and reputable suppliers becomes inevitable.

The team at BEE-Connex have searched the industry for best in the business and have put together a database of suppliers specialising in areas such as; audit verification, consulting, Skills Development, Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD), Socio-Economic Development (SED) and more!

How it works… simple:

  1. Download the app (BEE-Connex)
  2. Register your company’s details
  3. Tell us your BEE needs
  4. Get connected to the most suitable supplier


Not only is this App used for connecting clients to prospective suppliers, BEE-Connex walks the entire journey with you, and as such the customer / supplier journey is hosted on the App for ease. Here, clients will not only be connected to a supplier, but they will use the App to set up meetings, provide estimates, approve estimates, make notes, sign contracts and much more.

Download the App now on IoS and Android devices or visit