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BEE Learnerships

BEE Learnerships

BEE Learnership

BEE Learnerships

How BEE Learnerships Benefit Companies in South Africa


The BEE learnerships are structured learning programmes aimed at the improvement of practical and theoretical skills with the goal of adding to the qualifications of learners with NQF registered qualifications. BEE learnerships not only benefit companies in terms of the BEE scorecard, but also in terms of their contributions to the Skills Development Fund (SDF).

Benefits Regarding the BEE Scorecard

Learnerships entail on-the-job training programmes directly related to the particular field of work in which the employees are to be employed. Such learnerships are in place to help the employees or candidate employees in gaining relevant NQF qualifications, recognised throughout the country. The Sector Education and Training Authorities, called SETAs, oversee such learnership programmes.

Employers have the choice of enrolling current employees or candidate employees in the BEE learnerships. With skills development being one of the priority elements on the new BEE scorecard, companies are able to add valuable points to their scorecards. The minimum threshold is 40% for skills development, so in order to avoid penalties regarding the element, companies need to take BEE learnerships seriously.

Companies can now get up to eight points for investment in training programmes of black employees or unemployed candidate employees if they invest 6% of their payroll in in the training of black employees/unemployed learners. Should they involve 2,5% of their employees in learnerships, they get four points.

Apart from the above, companies can earn extra points to the maximum of five for being able to employ the unemployed candidates. If the candidates are employed at the end of the BEE learnership periods, the company gets another five points. It is thus possible to earn 20 points on the skills development element by focussing on learnerships.

Economic Benefits

Companies that contribute to the SDF and are registered with the relevant SETA can get various reimbursements for their skills development investment if they submit their annual Workplace Skills Plan and Training Report. The reimbursements can be used to pay for further improvement of skills of black people, helping the employers to also add to their BEE scorecards. Companies are furthermore able to benefit through tax rebates and reimbursements for their investments into BEE learnerships.

Other Benefits for the Employer

The BEE learnerships create a valuable skills base for the company and thus aid in the improvement of productivity. The training must be NQF registered and as such, the employer ensures that the qualifications gained by learners are relevant and recognised throughout South Africa.

Where to Get Help

Make use of our BEE learnership training platform to ensure minimum costs to your company and maximum benefits regarding the BEE scorecard.

Jaco Fourie