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BEE Score

BEE Score

BEE Scoring

BEE Score

How Investment in Skills Development Translates into a Solid BEE Score


Companies that have not yet taken the BEE score seriously will in future struggle to get government contracts and may even find it difficult to get trading partners and clients. One way to add points to the BEE score is to pay close attention to the Skills Development element. It has a weighting of 25 points plus bonus, and is thus the one element in which a company can score well and improve on its staff’s skills profile. With such comes the added benefit of higher productivity and thus improved business performance.

Skills development plays an important role in the economy of South Africa. It certainly is important for the transitioning process, and although companies do benefit through the addition to their BEE Score when they invest in the training of black employees and candidate employees through accredited training providers and learnership programmes, companies do their part to ensure a higher skilled workforce to the benefit of South Africa as a whole.

Companies do not only have to train their employees in order to improve their BEE scores. They can now train candidate employees as well, and earn points towards their BEE scores.

Where to Start

Make use of the services offered by LFP Training regarding skills development. We help firms to assess and recruit individuals from the relevant groups in relation to the B-BBEE codes, including individuals with disabilities and unemployed people from the relevant race groups for learnership programmes to help meet client EAP targets.

Because we are an accredited FET college and training solutions provider, client firms are eligible for tax rebates regarding their investments in skills development. As such, firms add to the skills base of their existing workforce and benefit from gaining well-trained individuals according to the requirements for a good BEE score.

Learners are recruited from male, female, disabled, Indian, coloured, and black groups, ensuring the best possible balance in recruitment towards a good BEE score. We provide accurate monthly reporting, handle the project management function, file preparation, and the SETA reporting and management. As such, we make it as easy as possible for client firms to achieve the skills development targets required for maximum BEE points.

We furthermore do the workplace assessments and work-readiness evaluations, in addition to the disability reports and continuous assessments. Get the maximum benefit of investing in skills development. Make use of our services to help your firm achieve the best possible BEE score, whilst doing your part to improve the skills levels of candidate and existing employees.

Jaco Fourie