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BEE Training

BEE Training

Enterprise and Supplier Development

BEE Training

How Your Company Benefits with BEE Training Initiatives for Unemployed People


BEE training should form part of your firm’s Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) strategy and should be in alignment with your firm’s growth targets. By providing BEE training to unemployed candidates, you will also be able to achieve a good BEE score and contribute to the socio-economic development of South Africa’s people.

Although BEE training may start off as a way in which to earn valuable points on your firm’s scorecard and get tax rebates for doing so, you will soon realise how important it also is for your company’s growth in profit. With the new BEE codes, your company has the option of training existing employees or choosing to train unemployed candidates from the relevant groups.

Why Choose to Provide BEE Training to Unemployed Candidates?

Many young people are unemployed. They are willing to learn and indeed, many are eager. They are not involved in your company’s politics and bring fresh ideas and skills to the table. It is important to provide community members with the required training to help them understand the values and norms needed for working in the formal employment environment. By providing BEE training to unemployed candidates from the relevant groups, your firm helps to increase the employability of the young people of South Africa.

Of course, with the widespread unemployment in South Africa, helping young people from the relevant groups to gain skills that make them employable also helps the economy. Indeed, if your firm decides to hire the very same candidates you have enrolled in the BEE training programmes, you will get well-trained and skilled employees who are able to make positive contributions to your firm.

Unemployed candidates are available for full-time learning programmes and SETA-accredited BEE training. In addition, your firm gains extra points for training unemployed candidates, and also benefits from various tax rebates. Your current employees have work commitments, but the unemployed candidates do not, so you do not have to give time off for them to attend training.

Why Include Learnerships as Part of Your BEE Training Strategy?

Learnership programmes are structured learning plans. The learners gain theoretical and practical knowledge. The practical part of the training involves gaining skills on the job. As such, they work at your firm during the learnership period and thus gain a better understanding of working within a structured environment.

Learnerships are aimed at achieving qualifications registered with the National Qualification Framework. The learners gain technical or job-related skills, in addition to skills such as teamwork, communication, conflict management, and more.

As an employer, you will draft an agreement with the learner who will gain accredited skills from a relevant accredited training company, such as LFP Training. The contract will protect all the parties and provide specific conditions to be met by all parties.

Your firm benefits through tax incentives when enrolling candidate employees in such programmes. With learnerships entailing workplace training, your company’s productivity is not negatively affected. By earning valuable points towards your BEE score because of the training you provide, your firm is also able to improve on its competitiveness. Learnerships lead to relevant NQF qualifications and as such, the qualifications are recognised throughout the country.

Maximise the potential of BEE training by making use of our range of services to help your firm get the right candidates, benefit from tax incentives, and improve your firm’s performance.

Jaco Fourie