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LFP Training’s Group CEO, Louis Pulzone on Integrity

LFP Training’s Group CEO, Louis Pulzone on Integrity

In a recent staff address, LFP Training’s Group CEO, Louis Pulzone spoke to one of the company’s fundamental pillars – namely, integrity.  The infamous quote by Gordon A. Eadie that says ‘if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for everything’ could not be more relevant to our business.

Louis Pulzone explains that integrity can best be described as the cornerstone of LFP Training. “Every decision that we make is based upon integrity; it acts a guide for the things that we have to say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to,”

While we all use this word in conversation and believe that we each adhere to it, what does it really mean? Well, by Dictionary definition it’s the ‘firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values’.

“In looking at this definition in real-terms, I like to use a simple analogy. Think of a tree – it’s solid, not easily swayed and its roots are planted firmly in the ground. It doesn’t matter what day, year or month it is, it is unwavering,” Louis continues.

“Despite external factors such as leaves falling, changing of colour and possible humanly harm, a tree always shows strength and resilience – even in the face of adversity”.

Remaining true to one’s self is the strongest form of integrity. Just as integrity is at a tree’s core, so should it be at yours. In the same vain, it’s at the core of LFP Training.

Louis concludes, saying: “I have a vision that in 10 years’ time, while so much would have changed, our foundation will always remain solid – and based on integrity. With integrity at our core, there is nothing that we cannot achieve.”