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BEE and Skills Development – How Your Company Can Benefit from Compliance

BEE and skills development can help your company to improve the skill level of your employees, and thus improve productivity and performance within your firm. In addition, your firm can benefit from tax incentives, rebates, and government grants for your BEE compliance regarding the priority element.

It certainly helps to gain expert guidance regarding BEE and skills development, and more so if the consulting firm is able to provide you with assistance regarding training, learnership programmes, and procurement of the appropriate candidates to participate in the learnership programmes.

How You Benefit

For one, you can claim tax back on the skills development facilitator. Keep in mind that you cannot spend more than 15% of the training on in-house non-accredited training, as the larger part of the training must be unit aligned if you want to benefit from BEE points.

The training programmes can be funded by SETA grants. As such, your firm will actually not even have to spend all that much on training and yet, you will gain a good score and ensure improved skill levels of your employees. Indeed, you can benefit from the R60 000 per participating learner. This means you can save a full R16 800 per participating learner. If it is a disabled learner, you can benefit from the R120 000 tax break per annum. This means that your company will save R33 600 on the training of the learner. In addition, SARS allows for a deduction of R1 000 per candidate per month that is employed by your firm. This means another R12 000 per year saving. Of course, the various terms and conditions must be met.

If not enough, previously unemployed learners are only paid an allowance. They do not receive the standard industry wage and you can thus save as much as R2 000 per participant in the learnership initiative. Terms and conditions apply and the saving depends on the employment position.

Make the most of BEE compliance by embracing skills development. Let us help your firm to become part of the transformation process.


Jaco Fourie