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Learnership Recruitment

LFP is committed to contributing towards South Africa’s national skills development agenda by focusing on both internal and external talent development initiatives. External commitment to the skills development of unemployed learners, is demonstrated both through the LFP Bursary Scheme and the provision of Learnership/in-service training/vacation work programs. All recruitment is done in advance and prospective learners undergo various proficiency assessments which enables them to understand and complete a certain level of qualification. As the process is ongoing, LFP has a consistent database of more than 300 eligible learners, from all demographics, that can immediately enter into learnership programs.

Unemployed Learner Program

LFP unemployed learner programs are structured, short-term contractual interventions which encourage job creation and promote talent development. Learners who take part in these programs will benefit from gaining critical, functional and behavioural competencies which contribute significantly to the learner’s employment marketability. On completion of these programs and respective academic studies, many of the participating learners transition into full-time employees. At any given time, LFP has unemployed learner opportunities across most business disciplines. LFP partners with the various SETA’s to ensure that the Skills Development Strategy is aligned. LFP recruits learners as per the client’s needs and can therefore recruit from a wide demographic profile, either disabled or able bodied.


LFP Payroll Solutions offers a total payroll outsourcing service to all types of businesses. With our offices based in Johannesburg we are able to assist companies throughout SA with all payroll administration.

Advantages of Payroll Outsourcing:

  • Reduces payroll administration costs
  • Salary packages calculated upfront with all benefits required
  • Reduces costs related to updating of payroll systems and training of payroll personnel
  • Eliminates the internal payroll function
  • More time for management to focus on strategic areas of your business such as recruitment and staff performance that have a direct impact on your bottom line
  • Payslips sent to you electronically

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