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Training Academy

Training Academy

LFP Training Academy is an accredited training institution offering learnerships and short courses that are acknowledged by the Department of Education and across various SETA’s. LFP Training Academy focuses intently on core elements such as Skills Development, Management Control and Enterprise and Supplier Development ensuring optimum benefits to clients who enter into these initiatives for both BEE points gain and advanced operational effectiveness. The LFP training solution is the most cost effective way of implementing BEE initiatives. LFP’s attentive Recruitment and Assessment division creates efficient service methods as they are able to recruit a diverse range of individuals in accordance to the BEE codes. Varying in race, LFP also recruits disabled men and women. The focus is to ensure that these individuals suit the client’s needs and BEE strategy. Furthermore, clients can utilize the off-site solution via our simulator solution, where the trainees can spend their full learnerships on our Campuses. Being an Accredited FET college and training provider, LFP ensures that its clients are eligible for the Tax Rebate incentive, referred to in section 12H of the Income Tax Act. Therefore, R80 000 per able bodied learner is generated and R120 000 per disabled learner.


Generic Qualifications Offered

Generic Qualifications Offered


LFP’s simulator is an industry first. The Skills Development simulator creates hassle-free learnerships, specifically targeted to the sub-sectors of the Skills Development element of the BEE codes. The simulator can be adapted to any industry and allows us to optimise our clients spend by accessing relevant government rebates and tailoring learnerships to suit their needs, while simultaneously adhering to BEE best practice codes. Our approach ensures that our clients gain maximum BEE points through our learnerships, for the minimum spend.

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