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Yes Programme Management Implementation

South Africa needs a new story: We need new places, new spaces, new faces, new industries and new career pathways for our youth.

YES creates new opportunities.

The LFP Group, in support of the Youth Employment Services (YES) Program, recognises the critical role that our youths play in shaping the economy and our country. Sadly, a staggering 6-million* youths aged between 18 – 34 are still unemployed and this is the exact reason why LFP Training is coming to the fore.

Driven by innovation, experience and best practice methodologies, we strive to create an inclusive South Africa and look to provide more opportunities for our youths through education and Skills Development initiatives. .

We now offer YES incentive initiatives to benefit both our clients and individuals:


  • A Professional hassle-free project management solution on behalf of our clients;
  • Registration on the YES Program on behalf of our clients;
  • Full registration of recruited Youth including: recruitment, vetting, interviewing, screening and placements;
  • Linking registered Youth with our clients in-line with YES Program;
  • Full compliance pack of required documentation provided for YES Program;
  • Full compliance pack of required employment documentation provided to clients for YES youth;
  • Detailed twelve (12) month educational program to enhance/compliment the work experience component;
  • Accredited Skills Program delivered on-site by experience and qualified Facilitators.
  • Ongoing Coaching of employed youth for the duration of the program to ensure a true value add for both the Client and the Youth.
  • Ongoing formal Mentorship program aligned to the Skills Program presented over the twelve (12) month work experience period.
  • Monthly reporting on the progress of Youths measured against KPI’s;
  • Upon completion active placement opportunities sought by LFP Permanent Placements in the event that the Client is unable to absorb.

The B-BBEE Benefits of YES