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People focus: An interview with Nthabiseng Phoshoko

People focus: An interview with Nthabiseng Phoshoko

Operations Manager

This month we sit down with one of the stars of LFP Training, LFP Operations Manager Nthabiseng Phoshoko, to uncover her professional passions.

What is your current role at LFP?

I am currently working as Op erations Manager at LFP head office. My job is ensure the smooth running of the company, focusing mainly on the Training, ETQA and Admin departments.

What has your career path been at LFP?

I started in 2014 as LFP’s one and only facilitator and was promoted to senior facilitator in 2015. I grew interested in leading and managing the facilitation department, so in September 2016 I was promoted to the training department as the training manager. Then in 2017 I was chosen to succeed my previous operations manager, who is currently the Managing Director.

How long have you been working for LFP?

This year marks four awesome and fruitful years.

What has made you stay with the company for so long?

I enjoy the daily challenges, working with such great people and constantly learning on the job. LFP has given me a platform to grow beyond my limits and it has become my home away from home. Our secret motto is “when you work, work; and when you play, play.”

What has been your career highlight at LFP?

Winning the Perseverance Award for the year in 2016.

Who are your mentors within the company? Who do you look up to?

My CEO Louis Pulzone is my greatest mentor. He has such passion and drive for what he believes in, he does not let failure stop or scare him from chasing his dreams.

What do you think has contributed to LFP’s rapid growth and success?

Everyone here believes in what they are doing and loves what they are doing, and they all uphold the LFP standard. Our leadership is so strategic, focused and disciplined too. Lao Tzu said, “To see things in the seed, that is genius.”. The fact that my CEO has the ability to see things “in the seed” is a plus.

Do you think your job positively impacts South Africa?

LFP plays a very important role in helping to unlock the South African labour force’s full potential. We do not just preach change but we become the change we want to see happening. LFP continuously brings change to the lives of many South Africans who have had the door shut in their face everywhere else. We give them hope and a chance to fight for better life.

What do you think the future holds for LFP?

LFP has a very bright future ahead, and much of our innovation and creativity is yet to be unleashed. LFP is quickly becoming a well-known brand that everybody will want to be associated with, simply because we do not compete with anyone else but ourselves.

Any final words?

Working for LFP has taught me that family is not only by blood but those who shares the same vision and mission with you. I have come to realise the power of self-confidence and it is so gratifying being part of these growing awesome family.

 Looking up to my CEO, Louis, has taught me that the most important and great responsibility of the leader is not to lead, but to produce great leaders.

What are your all-time favourite quotes?

“Compromise must not undermine your own position” – Nelson Mandela

“Nothing is impossible when we follow our inner guidance” – G. Jampolsky