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BEE Training

BEE Training

BEE Scoring

BEE Training

BEE Training for the Optimal Benefit to the Company


We make it possible for companies to benefit from enrolment of their employees in BEE training programmes. As an accredited training institution, also recognised by various SETAs, we focus on the core elements of Management Control, Skills Development, and Enterprise & Supplier Development to help client companies improve on their BEE ratings.

Recruitment of the right candidates for BEE training is often a problem for companies. When making use of our services, client companies do not have to deal with the recruitment and assessment processes. We have a division specifically dedicated to recruitment and assessment to help ensure that the right candidates according to the BEE codes are recruited and trained. We assist client companies in finding and recruiting people with disabilities and from various race groups for best scoring on the BEE scorecards. They are enrolled in the learnerships according to the client EAP targets.

We are also an accredited FET college, ensuring that client companies that have enrolled candidates for BEE training can benefit from tax rebates as forming part of the Tax Act.


We provide BEE training in the following ways:

  • GETC – Business Practice at NQF Level 1 with the value of 121 credits.
  • NC – Business Administration Services at NQF Level 3 with the value of 120 credits.
  • FETC – Generic Project Management at NQF Level 4 with the value of 136 credits.
  • FETC – Business Administration Services at NQF Level 4 with the value of 140 credits.
  • NC – Generic Management at NQF Level 5 with the value of 162 credits.


Off-Site BEE Training Simulator

What sets us apart from other BEE training providers is our skills development simulator that makes learnerships hassle-free. The learners are trained in a simulated and controlled environment. It is aimed at provision of training in the sub-sectors of the BEE Skills Development element. It makes it possible to align training with the EAP target of the client and to ensure that recruitment is done to meet the exact BEE targets.

Since the simulator can be adapted according to industries, we are able to recruit right on target and ensure that the client companies benefit the most from industry-tailored rebates for the learnerships, whilst also meeting the client objectives and particular skills and employment requirements. We do all of this in compliance with the requirements of the new BEE Codes. With our offsite simulator programme, clients get the maximum BEE points at the lowest cost to company.


Characteristics of the Simulator

Customised delivery of training and learnerships is possible in alignment with BEE Codes requirements. We do the file preparation for the BEE verification and provide the client with accurate monthly reporting, in addition to handling the SETA reporting aspects.

We accommodate learners with various disabilities at our campus and provide services such as workplace assessments and workplace readiness evaluations. Our teams perform continuous assessments and draft the disability reports.

We source the appropriate learners in accordance with the BEE requirements to undergo training. Recruitment is done from groups such as females, males, disabled learners, and Indian, coloured, and black learners.

Make the most of skills development by using our BEE training solutions.

Jaco Fourie