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LFP Training’s off-site simulator model is growing in popularity

LFP Training’s off-site simulator model is growing in popularity

Preparing people for the work place is no easy feat and as a specialist company offering training for people with disabilities, training comes with its own unique set of challenges. While the disabled or rather ‘differently abled’ are rearing to go, we at LFP Training still need to ensure that our state-of-the-art training campuses are adequately equipped to host people with disabilities and that our facilitators are trained to provide care and ensure a clear understanding of the course materials amongst our learners.

Having operated in the industry as the leaders for several years, LFP Training doesn’t follow in the ways of others but instead sets the benchmark. LFP Training introduced an industry-first in the form of its Skills Development Simulator.

This Skills Development Simulator is designed to provide both clients and learners with peace-of-mind. Learners are now able to receive training for the workplace – all from the safety of a simulated environment at our Campuses.  This solution goes above and beyond to benefit all parties and is specifically targeted to sub-sectors of the Skills Development element (which forms part of the BEE codes of good conduct).

Putting the needs of both our clients and our learners first requires a careful balance; the simulator model allows us to do exactly this. The simulator can be adapted to any industry and allows LFP Training to optimise client spend by accessing relevant Government rebates and tailoring learnerships to suit needs and objectives, whilst simultaneously adhering to the BEE best practice codes.

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